Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 by the pixels

Anne and I inflict our decorating enthusiasm on a gingerbread tree
Three generations of McLellan women
Back in San Diego, Jimmy and I take in "The Del"
In which Jimmy and I devour (fabulous) fried scallops in Catalina
My wonderful parents in the dock cafe at Lake Tahoe
A tree in Tahoe teaches us humility
My team
Jimmy and Lucy make their way in Mammoth Lakes
Lucy and I in the tall grass, by the cool water

Friday, July 12, 2013

Career anxiety

Asteroids by Dave Makes
places to hide

let me ball it up
a tiny orb
my pebble in David’s slingshot
send it to sleep among the asteroids
mute and grey

let’s starch and iron it
flat, white
a cotton dress
tuck it in my quiet closet
whisper with the wool
and silky shawls

help me build an all-consuming blaze
that will take it, yellow and blue-silver
sweep it away with tired embers
smoky ash

close it, solemn
as a heavy tome
one line:
It is finished.
slide it spine-side-out in line

lean into the mirror just to watch it
fold itself in crows feet
become my eager smile
ring in laughter

melt away


Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Taken" and the Real Global Market for Persons

I saw Taken for the first time this afternoon. Like most people who saw this film, I was incredibly disturbed. I'm also embarrassed to report that it took seeing this film to get me to commit time to researching the real global market for people. The video below was one of the better issue primers I found on human trafficking. It also offers actionable suggestions for those of us who want to become involved but who probably will not commit our entire careers to anti-trafficking work.

One of the most striking facts Sorvino shares is that the trafficking of human beings is the second most lucrative illicit activity in the world, second only to narcotics trafficking. The United States government, however, spends more money in one month on the war against drugs than it has ever spent to end the trafficking of persons.

Like most worthy pursuits, stamping out human trafficking and supporting trafficking survivors takes a lot of time and money, both which are in woefully short supply.

Mira Sorvino; "Using Your Gifts to End Slavery" from Not For Sale on Vimeo.