About Me

I moved to San Diego about one year ago from a suburb of Dallas (by way of Durham, NC; Phoenix; and D.C.). This blog is a mash-up of my political musings, recipes, snapshots, and attempts (poetic or not) to figure it all out.

I try to write from a feminist, anti-racist, class-conscious perspective, but I welcome comments that point out my inevitable failures to do this perfectly.

I enjoy reading books, blogs, and news sites and unwinding to episodes of Modern Family, Mad Men, House of Cards, and The West Wing. (Okay, and sometimes The Bachelor(ette)).

I make my living copywriting for a big non-profit in San Diego. I dabble in cooking, photography, crafting, and running. I believe in God, but it's all a bit confusing, scary, and exciting. I find the identity shifts required of young people, who move a lot and change jobs often, both terrifying and life-giving.

I've been published a few times in Slate (on the rise or fall of farm bots and dairy farming's big problem) and Z√≥calo Public Square (a positive look at living in Washington, D.C.) and have made it a goal to find more venues for my voice in 2014.

I'm guilty of using Twitter without giving much back, but please nudge me along @cmarielawrence. I also spend too much time planning my next Michael's run. Follow me on Pinterest at cmarielawrence.